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Latest News: 03rd November 2018

"Ged is a rare soul, I thank him from the bottom of my heart. Our training sessions have not only pushed me but have been great fun, never a dull moment. Ged thinks outside the box, completely and utterly!!" Sarah Askey. 2012.

Greetings one and all...first of all I have some great news....
I am back!!!

As most of you already know I had undergone spinal complications, and culminated with an emergency operation performed at the end of August last year to remove a severe prolapsed disc which had been building up inside me for months, the surgeon who operated on me explained that I was a single mm away from being totally paralysed, the operation was a success but have had paralysis on the lower left leg, three quarters of my L5/S1 disc removed and just over 50 stitches done on the inside.

On top of this I also undergone a major right shoulder operation to repair a deeply torn Supraspinatus area resulting in two screws being inserted to attach the new tendons, and I also had a full Sub-Acromial Decompression, so on top of the spine operation and the full left shoulder reconstruction I had done in May 2016, I honestly feel like the Bionic Man!!! I have one final major hurdle to conquer, I am awaiting notification to go into hospital for a major operation to remove a strangulated Hiatus Hernia, once this is over and done with, then I can finally get back into the swing of things come 2019, and start over where I left off. 

I have now started driving again but I can only do certain amounts of mileage and terrain at this moment of time.

Therefore, in the meantime, online fitness programmes are now available to purchase. If interested, please contact me through the "Ask Ged" page.

Thank you ever so much to all who has sent me good luck messages from around the world, I honestly cannot thank you all enough and it also gave me the strength to fight my toughest battle by far to date.

My body has taken one hell of a battering, but being the fighter and champion that I am, as with all of my past battles, I always find a way of beating whatever comes at me.
For further information, please e-mail me on

Stay Fit and Healthy as always
Ged Musto

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