Ged Musto, Personal Trainer Hereford, Herefordshire, Shropshire. - Testimonials 2009
Testimonials 2009 :
Andre Dunkley.
(Personal Testimonial on The Best of Hereford)  November 2009
''In my years as a training Instructor and Coach, I can quite honestly say, Ged Musto's quality of training and enthusiasm, is second to none. If you are serious about your health and you want to be fit this is definitely the man to see, you will not be disappointed''.
Alison Batty.
(Personal Testimonial on The Best of Hereford)  November 2009
''Ged is very knowledgeable and professional in his work, he treats you like a Human Being and without Ged, our lives would be a lot worse off.
He is: Honest,reliable,professional. A true person, who brings his own experiences and is empathetic to your own needs. His skills are not limited and his knowledge in his own area is matched by no-one''.
Susan Jones.(Personal Testimonial on The Best of Hereford) November 2009 
''I had contacted Ged when my son was encountering problems at school, he has helped him in weight training and also self-defence, he has also built up his self-esteem. My son has now turned his life around and this is purely down to Ged. Thank you ever so much..!''
Mercedes Gardner.
(Personal Testimonial on The Best of Hereford)  November 2009
''Ged is brimming with the brains to help anyone achieve the brawn. He's the real deal in an industry full of wannabees and is the standard by which any trainer should be measured. Well done Ged you deserve all the success in the world..!''
Rob Davey.
(Personal Testimonial on The Best of Hereford)  November 2009
"I had Ged as my PT back in 2004 and was training with him three times a week, and felt the fittest I have ever been. Ged is an excellent trainer, who works you hard and keeps the workouts challenging, whilst making the session fun and highly enjoyable. Highly recommended.''
Jane Lowe.
(Personal Testimonial on The Best of Hereford)   November 2009
''Ged really hit the spot – he was able to isolate specific muscles to work on and as a result my shoulders and back are definitely less tense, I have more movement in them and they do not feel as painful. I would most definitely recommend a sports massage with Ged – I certainly intend going back to him. Many thanks again Ged''.
Daniel Butcher.
(Personal Testimonial on The Best of Hereford)  November 2009
''Ged sorted out my posture, my injured arm and vicariously my life. There's pretty much no-one Ged cant help, all you need is the want to improve and Ged'll help you get there!''
Cheryl Mason.
(Personal Testimonial on The Best of Hereford)   November 2009 
''Ged tailored the first set of exercises to strenghten my knee. After a further 8 sessions I have lost a third of the weight I wanted to and dropped a dress size, I am much fitter and stronger, I am faster too, on my power walks I have had to add distance to do the same time. I love the boxing, it gets rid of all my stress. Thanks again Ged''.
Richard Mason.
(Personal Testimonial on The Best of Hereford)  November 2009 
''I am very impressed with the progress my wife has made over the past few months. Thank you Ged, keep up the good work''.
Gwynne Robinson.(Personal Testimonial on The Best of Hereford)
November 2009 
''Ged has been a friend of mine for some years now as well as a personal fitness trainer. Ged's attitude is a very positive one only seeking to help people with a need to become fit again due to either ill health or just personal requirement to be healthy and live a longer life from my point of view''.
Ann Collins. (Promotion Manager)
(Personal Testimonial on The Best Of Hereford)  November 2009 
''Ged has personal trained our prestigious client since May this year, due to our client's extensive travelling and committments Ged has visited his residence on a as and when required basis. He has been very professional throughout this time and has displayed a great wealth of knowledge and understanding of core strengthening to which our client has expressed his approval to this testimonial being written''.
Gill Paterson.(Personal Testimonial on The Best Of Hereford) 
November 2009 
''Ged's knowledge of fitness and the individual needs of his clients is excellent. He is professional, approachable, friendly and considerate in fact it goes without saying, all in all he is the best trainer you could have''.
Cheryl Mason.
(Personal Testimonial on The Best Of Hereford)  November 2009 
''Ged put me at ease straight away, I see him twice a week and he makes getting fit easier than I thought, and he has given me the confidence to go out on my own for very brisk walks five to seven hours a week, I am fitter, stronger and more flexible than when I started with him at the end of August!.''
Kerrie Sultan.
(Personal Testimonial on The Best Of Hereford)  November 2009 
''I spoke to Ged about a problem that I had with my son, and he gave me excellent advice about nutrition and exercise to suit his age and fitness regime. Ged has also helped me with my weight problem giving me good advice at all times''.
Peter Knowles. (Managing Director)
(Personal Testimonial on The Best Of Hereford)  November 2009
''If it is a Personal Trainer you are looking for then Ged is most definitely the one to go for. Patient, Understanding, Encouraging, Knowledgeable and Motivational. Ged gets the results that other trainers don't achieve''.
Tony Lewis.
(Personal Testimonial on The Best Of Hereford)   November 2009
''Ged had helped me with my training and with a combination of the race tips, the preparation, even down to the diet whilst out there I ended up with a silver medal in the 5,000 metres walk, and 5th place not just in the 1,500 metres but also the 5,000 metres. I have to thank Ged, his stamina and endurance training worked wonders! Great guy, and we have managed to stay friends ever since. Highly recommended''.
Andrew Batty. (Follow-up from August 2009)
(Personal Testimonial on The Best Of Hereford)  October 2009
''I wanted to burn some calories and shed some weight, difficult to do when still not being able to walk properly, but that has not stopped Ged coming up with a programme to suit, now I sweat and cuss and I feel ''Really Good'' afterwards, this is proof that whatever you want out of a personal trainer, Ged can help you achieve''.
Mat Walters. (Head of Drama and Theatre Studies. Hereford Sixth Form College) (Personal Testimonial on The Best Of Hereford)  October 2009
''Working with Ged was excellent. He clearly knows his stuff and results were pretty immediate. I was really impressed with his combination of motivating techniques, subject knowledge and good old fashioned encouragement''.
Louise Round. (Herefordshire Council)
(Personal Testimonial on The Best Of Hereford)   October 2009 
''From the moment I contacted him I was assured that he was the right man for me! He has delivered on all accounts. Not only have I lost weight but I feel full of energy and have muscles in places I didn't know existed. He has a wonderful motivational approach and I know that I just couldn't have gained the results I have by working on my own''.
David Alexander Team Manager Crumlin RFC.
(Personal Testimonial on The Best Of Hereford)  August 2009
''Ged Musto is the complete professional. He is well versed in his field of expertise and has always provided a rounded and balanced service. I employed Ged as a fitness professional to bring an extra dimension to our squad training, seeing the success he has brought to the team from a fitness and morale perspective has inspired nothing but positive feedback from even the most physically challenged members of our team''.
Andrew Batty.
(Personal Testimonial on The Best Of Hereford)  August 2009
''After an amputation following an accident three years ago, It was suggested that I seek the services of a personal trainer, to get my mobility back.
I contacted Ged Musto and from that initial contact Ged has been everything that his site said he would be, he is patient, attentive to detail, understanding and is able to adapt himself to anyone's level of fitness. His enthusiasm is endless and in his own character a great person to be around. I am doing exercises that I did not believe were possible yet alone achievable and all because this guy gives you the encouragement and motivation to do it''.
Abi Norris. (Follow-up from May 2009)
(Personal Testimonial on The Best Of Hereford)  August 2009
''Thanks to Ged I have the motivation I never had from just attending a gym, I plan on continuing my training with Ged, with some running but now working on the cardio side, toning, and weight loss. And especially the boxing which I love,and its also great fun, which is important to point out about Ged, his training is solid, hardwork and thorough but its also fun and we have had many a giggle. It makes not only the training more fun but it makes your working relationship much more relaxed also. Ive found Ged's knowledge, advice and support a truely valuable resource and want to say Thank You Ged for all of it''.  
Adrian Phillips. 
(Personal Testimonial on The Best Of Hereford)  August 2009
''Ged is the first personal trainer that I've worked with and I'm very happy with the experience. What's really impressive is the way he constantly monitors and assesses your performance and adapts the training accordingly. He gives you total confidence that you won't be over-stretched, but still knows how to plan a work-out that leaves you with a sense of achievement and real progress''.
Sheila Phillips. (Personal Testimonial on The Best Of Hereford)  June 2009
''Ged has an excellent knowledge of exercise, fitness and diet, all of which he incorporated into a personal programme to help me reach my training goal. He also has great motivational skills''. !  
Caroline Whitehouse. 
(Personal Testimonial on The Best Of Hereford)  June 2009
''Ged has great hands, great manner, but most of all, an excellent knowledge of athletic injuries and bodywork treatments to help them. He helped me with tendinitis in my knee and plantarfaciitis in my foot. Massage is an important part of the recovery process for me. Ged has visited me for the past month and have already achieved better than expected results''.  
Peter Knowles. (Managing Director)
(Personal Testimonial on The Best Of Hereford)  June 2009
''I have had personal trainers work with me at the gym before, but I never really clicked with any of them. You ended up motivating me where others have failed. Your expert tips about the abdominal exercises has helped me conquer any fears about doing these. It's more challenging, but I can feel the difference already. Thank you again Ged for giving me sheer confidence!'  
Andy Chantler. (Personal Testimonial on The Best Of Hereford) June 2009 
''Ged's training has helped my fitness level and personal well being reach new heights. The combination of the work outs and sports massages mean I am now lighter, stronger and more flexible than ever before. All of my friends and family have positively commented on the noticeable results and my confidence has rocketed. Worth every penny, cheers Ged''.  
Daniel Butcher. (Personal Testimonial on The Best Of Hereford)  June 2009
''Ged has helped me in all areas of fitness. I'm stronger, faster, and more flexible than ever. In the first session he quickly identified my shoulder injury, which even I didn't notice''.!      
Helen Harris. (Personal Testimonial on The Best Of Hereford)  June 2009
''I trained with Ged briefly but had to discontinue my sessions for personal reasons. I found the sessions very good and my fitness improved quickly, having suffered a couple of strokes in the past, I needed someone who understood my limitations and could tailor a programme that whilst benefitting me took these factors into account. I found the sessions fun and productive and am hoping to resume them in the not too distant future''.  
Abi Norris. (Personal Testimonial on The Best Of Hereford)  May 2009
''I've been training with Ged since April and it's been great to see my fitness progress. I train with him once a week and it's really motivated me. I've even overcome my worries of using a gym ball as i've always been shown moves I couldnt do which made me feel bad. But now I think im going to invest in one. I intend to keep training with Ged and ensure I continue to achieve my goal. Even missing one session can make a difference. Believe me. But i'm back on track and determined. I feel lucky to have Ged's support and I would recommend him to anyone''. 
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