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Awards, Stamina and Endurance Feats :

"With a bit of research we found that Ged wasn't simply a great athlete, but a world record holder in numerous stamina and endurance events. A guy who embodies everything Konkura stands for." Ian Worthington. Team Konkura. 2012.


''Ged has been recognised over the years as one of the fittest individuals in the world. On many occasions he has pushed his body to it's maximum limits and in doing so has managed to gain the accolades from his peers, this culminating in Ged being ranked in the top 10 fittest stamina and endurance exponents in the world back in 1995, he was regarded the world's fittest man in 1999 and has been in the top echelon ever since, at this present time he is still widely regarded as one of the fittest over 50's competing today. Ged still trains regularly and maintains an extremely high fitness training regime. These are only just a few of some of his achievements, so you can feel rest assured that you are receiving training from one of the very top experts in the world.''


Personal Trainer of the Year (Berkshire) 1994 / 1996

FIA Top 10 Personal Trainer 1995 / 2002 / 2010

World's Fittest Man 1999

The Best Health and Beauty Business in Herefordshire 2009

Puma Sponsored Personal Trainer 2013


2,908 Unaided Sit-Ups in 1 Hour

(Official British and World Best) 1999

(Leominster Leisure Centre. Leominster. United Kingdom)

2,467 Full Press-Ups in 1 Hour (Official British and World Best) 1995

(Palmer Park Athletics Stadium. Reading. United Kingdom)

1,555 Unaided Sit-Ups in 30 Minutes (Official British and World Best) 2005

(BodyWorx Gym. Hereford. United Kingdom)

856 Strength Sit-Ups in 30 Minutes with 20 kg Plate. 2005

(Official British and World Best)

(BodyWorx Gym. Hereford. United Kingdom)

108 Squat Thrusts in 1 Minute. (Sliding Technique) 2006

(Official British Best)

(Hereford Leisure Centre. Hereford. United Kingdom)

58 Press-Ups (Full) in 30 Seconds (Official British Best) 2008

(BBC Hereford and Worcester Studios. Hereford. United Kingdom)

85 Tricep Dips (Full) in 1 Minute (Official British Best) 2008

(Bromyard Leisure Centre. Bromyard. United Kingdom)


110 Parallel Arm Dips in 1 Minute (Armed Forces Record. Possible World and British Best) 1987

(APTC Centre. Sennelager. West Germany)

10 Miles with 44lb Backpack in 1 Hour 22 Minutes 1987

(Aldershot. United Kingdom)

60km (40 Miles) Endurance Walk with 55lb Bergen in

17 Hours 48 Minutes 1988

(Brecon Beacons. Wales. United Kingdom)

8th in Concept 2 World Rankings 2,500 Metres 1994

( 8 Minutes 12.1 Seconds)

(South Reading Leisure Centre. Reading. United Kingdom)

9th in Concept 2 World Rankings 30 Minutes 1994

( 8,101 Metres)

(South Reading Leisure Centre. Reading. United Kingdom)

13th in Concept 2 World Rankings 1 Hour 1994

(15,467 Metres)

(South Reading Leisure Centre. Reading. United Kingdom)

4th in Powersport World X-Training Championships 1995

(Rivermead Sports Centre. Reading. United Kingdom)

51 Underarm Pull-Ups in 1 Minute 1997

(Loughborough University. Loughborough. United Kingdom)

44 Overarm Chin-Ups in 1 Minute 1997

(Loughborough University. Loughborough. United Kingdom )

10 Miles with 50lb Backpack in 1 Hour 29 Minutes 1998

(Long Valley. Aldershot. Hampshire).

3rd in Concept 2 British Rankings 2,000 Metres 1999

( 6 Minutes 26.3 Seconds)

(Leominster Leisure Centre. Leominster. United Kingdom)

112 Press-Ups in 1 Minute (3rd Official World Highest) 2002

(Bridge Street Sports Park. Leominster. United Kingdom)

15 Miles with 60lb Backpack in 2hrs 48 Minutes 2005

(Elan Valley. Rhayader. Powys. United Kingdom)

37 Press-Ups (Full) With 44lbs Backpack in One Minute 2008

(Leominster. Herefordshire. United Kingdom)

1,112 Full Press-Ups in 30 Minutes (Konkura World Fitness Challenge) 2013

(Leominster. Herefordshire)

14 Minutes 05 Seconds (World Gym Challenge Club Xtreme. Hereford) 2010 

(6th Fastest Ever)

Consisting of the Following:

Bike - 2 km , Bench Jumps - 50 (25 Each Side) , Sit-Ups (Full) - 50,

Row - 750 Metres , Shoulder Press - 30 x 30 kgs , Step Ups - 50 x 12 kgs in Each Hand (5 Risers) , Bench Press 40 x 40 kgs, Treadmill 1,000 Metres at 5% Incline.

(HALO Leisure. Hereford. United Kingdom)

12 Minutes 34 Seconds (Ultra-Fit Magazine. Clubsport. Gold Challenge) 2010

Consisting of the Following:

Bike - 2.5 km , Abdominal Curls - 60 , Row - 1,500 Metres , Shoulder Press 40 x 25 kgs , Treadmill 800 Metres at 10% Incline.

(Private Gym. Hereford. United Kingdom)

All photos copyright of Ged Musto ©

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