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Testimonials 2010:

P. Hickman. (PR Consultant). 

November 2010

''Ged has been training me now for over a year. He has helped me achieve the goals that I had set in the consultation we had. Ged focuses on the smallest details that are missed when conducting an exercise and trains me in a manner that I get the best results from each and every exercise. He takes as much pride in everyone he is training and their results as he does his own, and is the consummate professional in every sense of the word. I would recommend him to any person who requires to get fit, and fast!!' I feel privileged to have been taken by him.'' 

C. Mason.  

November 2010

''Many, many thanks for all your help training over the last year, I am fitter than I have been for a long while. Also a big thanks for the neck and shoulder massages very helpful after a tough session, much better than chocolate!!''

R. Watson.(Personal Trainer). 

October 2010

"Ged is a fantastic trainer, listener and general good person! His motivation is second to none and his knowledge and training methods show true understanding in his field and to the individual client. Ged helped me get my training back on track and my body back in shape. Thanks Ged, may the adrenaline keep running!"

K. Beard. 

October 2010

"I trained with Ged for 4 weeks as I needed to get myself back on track and back into exercising after a good few years out having had 2 children. My first session was very hard, but by the end of my sessions I had doubled the amount I was doing and was recovering quickly. Ged got my fitness right back on track in a short period of time and also got me motivated to want to exercise again. He's a great trainer and he knows how to keep you going and to get the best results for you. The exercises are easy to execute and very effective. After 4 weeks I felt confident and had got back the desire to exercise and lose weight. I lost weight and my shape felt lots better even in such a short period of time. Thanks Ged, you're fab"

C. Willis. (PR Manager). 

October 2010

''Working with Ged I surprised myself, having previously struggled to do even one sit-up even two years after having a baby! I felt the results quickly and my core strength is massively improved, I feel generally stronger and have lost a couple of kilos. If you'd told me in advance I would be working out with a medicine ball beforehand I would have laughed, but it certainly works and I really enjoyed exercising outside. I would recommend him to anyone, whatever their level of fitness''.

A. Stevenson. 

August 2010

''I have been training with Ged for almost a year after becoming increasingly de-motivated about attending the gym and finding it difficult to move myself to the next level. Ged is an truly exceptional personal trainer who always manages to push me to my limits whilst making each session enjoyable and always incorporating new techniques and exercises. I have lost over two stone in weight in the time I have known him and he has transformed my life. He very quickly established my fitness levels and took time to find out what my main goals and motivations were with regards to fitness and then constructed a programme to suit my individual needs.

I would not hesitate recommending Ged to anyone and can honestly say I have never been in better shape. He is unquestionably the real deal''.

R. L. Connelly. (Founder and M.D. of Head to Toe Beauty). 

August 2010

''Ged has been a valued member of Head To Toe Beauty since very near it's launch in 2005, Head To Toe Beauty provides and advertises professionals such as Ged to prestigious Media Companies and the general public throughout the UK and so it is of utmost importance to us that such professionals offer their services to the highest standards and integrity, and on these qualities we definitely cannot fault Ged!, Ged is a true professional with enthusiasm to match, he is a very valued personal trainer for our company and we can always rely on him to go beyond and above his call of duty. He is a personal trainer that is seriously going places, true to his clients and his sheer motivation to do his best by his clients is admirable, thank you Ged for being a valued top professional for Head To Toe Beauty! we would wish you luck but we know you dont need it!''.

D. Roberts. 

June 2010

''I had personal training for 9 months which was successful, about 2.5 years ago. The outdoor training is a completely different concept, and I am already feeling the benefits on a different level. I almost feel I am cheating when I go into the gym now! Out on the terrain as opposed to the treadmill/stationery ... bike, provides such a stimulus prior to the training we then do. You came highly recommended and I have to say I am really grateful for it.. The rapore between client and trainer I feel is paramount. It is easy to give of your best when someone works with you in every aspect, and really cares about the result you achieve with safety paramount at the same time! as a result, I have extended my window of opportunity to spend more time with you to achieve maximum results, you are exactly what it states on the tin as the saying goes.... thank you for delivering!!!!!!!!!''

P. Johnson. 

June 2010

"With over thirty years working outdoors in a demanding physical occupation, I had learned to accept the occasional 'wear and tear'

problems including a more serious nerve related neck problem that seemed to grab a hold when I relaxed, and had

developed a habit of ruining any holiday I dared to take! I rang Ged and booked an appointment. He quickly identified the problem area and with good strong positive manipulation he almost instantly relieved the stiffness and discomfort in my neck. The next morning I woke to a surprise, the accepted routine cycle of several days of pain when the injury flared had been broken. My mind took a moment to accept what my body was reporting....but it was true. I was able to get straight back to work. A real investment, why did I delay? Thanks Ged"

R. Gill. 

March 2010

''After years of ankle operations and near constant pain, in a few months Ged's enthusiasm, knowledge and experience have put me in a much better place mentally and physically. You don't have to believe when you start out. A few sessions with Ged will convince you you've made one of the best decisions of your life!''.

S. Parsons. 

March 2010

"I have had massages throughout my career, and Ged's massage is by far the best I ever encountered! He has the feeling and the strength in his hands to feel what the muscles need. This is really important for me as a triathlete. His massages helped me to recover after a hard day of training."

C. Mason. (Follow-up from November 2009)

(Personal Testimonial on The Best Of Hereford) 

February 2010

''Ged is very good at getting the best from me without totally exhausting me and leaves me with a smile on my face when I realise how well I have done that session. Thank you again Ged''.

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