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Testimonials 2017:


C. Green

May 2017

"I’ve been training with Ged once a week for the last 6 months. My goals were to improve overall fitness, core strength and flexibility.

I heard of Ged through word of mouth, being completely oblivious to the personal training scene I decided to do a quick google search. I was impressed not only by the depth of his knowledge and experience in personal health, nutrition and sports therapy, but also his personal achievements in stamina and endurance. After a quick phone call I had booked a consultation within days.

The consultation was thorough, detailing how we are to achieve my goals, the nutrition plan which Ged developed himself, the method of training and the equipment required. As you can imagine with Ged’s experience he has accumulated many wonderful training equipment and was more than happy to use his until I purchased my own.

As the session commenced it was apparent that Ged’s utilisation of old school methods was having a far greater result than my previous gym sessions on overall fitness, and within 3 sessions had noticed a considerable difference, which was noticeable to my friends and family through my improved posture.

The old fashion techniques have many benefits, but the one I believe to be most beneficial is it produces less strain on the body and therefore less likely to develop a related injury, which can set you back months.

Half way through our training programme I picked up a work-related injury to the shoulder. I notified Ged, and this is where Ged stands out from the other personal trainers, he developed a rehabilitation programme using his physiotherapy training and experience. Consequently, he had varied the sessions to suit, such as emphasising more on core and lower body strength whilst performing physio exercises on the shoulder. 3 months on and the shoulder is back to normal.

Communication was never an issue with Ged. If he had missed your call he would ring you back as soon as possible, If sessions had to be cancelled or re-diarised this was done efficiently and with plenty of notice.

Ged’s commitment to his clients is second to none. He is fully committed, enthusiastic and supportive at each session, and his motivation and quick wit made each session a pleasure to train."

A. Morgan (Company Executive)

March 2017

"I have been Ged's client for near on eight months now, i'm feeling much fitter, stronger, flexible and full of life.

I had doubted his old fashioned training principles at the beginning, but after just three sessions I noticed a significant difference in my overall fitness levels, something I have never achieved even with doing Cross Fit and Insanity in the past five years leading up to being personal trained.

Thank you for all the support and guidance over these past few months Ged! His knowledge of anatomy and physiology is immense and I am now looking forward to continuing my ongoing progress under Ged's guidance, and I highly recommend him to anyone searching for a First Class and Highly Experienced Personal Trainer.!"

C. Jenkins

March 2017

''I took on Ged for a period of six sessions, and the results he produced in that time was nothing short of remarkable. I lost weight, gained a whole new level of fitness, my stamina and recovery rate all improved in such a short amount of time and my self esteem also increased. He gives you nothing but praise throughout the session and encourages you to always push that little bit more. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a top class personal trainer.''

N. Dayton (Update from January 2016)

March 2017

"I started training with Ged back in July of 2015, before I contacted him I had gained a considerable amount of weight and was unhappy with the way that I looked. I see Ged once a week and I undertake a fitness and nutrition programme that he set out for me, during our once a week session we either do a fifty minute cardio training, or we do an hours power walk and jog. The weight has piled off and I now nearly lost four stone, my overall fitness and also my body shape has totally changed. I thoroughly enjoy the training and intend carrying on the training. Ged has won countless awards over the years and is hugely respected within the industry, and his knowledge and motivation skills is immense, and I cannot thank him enough in helping me lose the weight and in such a short time. If anyone requires a personal trainer and also instant results, then I highly recommend Ged very highly. He is by far the best trainer I have ever worked with."

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