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Massage Testimonials:

Below are some personal testimonials and quotes I've received from clients over the years. I very much appreciate all the kind words and I'm extremely happy they all found the massage sessions helpful and beneficial.

Testimonials however can't be taken as evidence for the effectiveness of massage, they are one persons view and experience, and your experience might be different.


M. Pryce

"Thank you for a great sports massage today. The dodgy shoulder feels loads better. Very professional and will defiantly be recommending you. Cheers mate"


D. Harrison

"I used to suffer from consistent cramp and aches in my calves and tight hamstrings. Intermittently I would acquire shoulder and back injuries due to the volume of training I was committed to.

I heard about Ged in my local gym and have been using him once a week for the last 3 months. During that time, I've remained 100% injury free and the tightness in my calves as entirely gone, I also have a far better range of motion and I never suffer from cramp.

My once a week massage is now as important a part of my weekly regime as my training, without it, I simply wouldn't stay uninjured and ache free."


S. Brown

"I would just like to say that I find Ged Musto's wealth of experience paid dividend when he did me a sports massage! Exceptional, it helped greatly with the aches and pain I have been experiencing. I would defiantly recommend his services to anyone looking for massage therapy!"


S. Askey

"I also had back pain which was being aggravated by lots of driving, after a couple of osteopath sessions it was still uncomfortable, Ged suggested a massage, I could not believe the difference, it felt fantastic and has remained so for weeks now."


P. B.

"Apart from feeling fitter, more positive, generally more active I must mention the work you've done on my shoulder which has been miraculous. I was told it was bursitis, then that it was arthritis and that I would have to accept increasing lack of mobility in the joint -but thanks to your 'magic hands' the shoulder is now increasingly mobile and I shall keep up the exercises to make sure it stays that way!''


R. Gill (Company Director)

"And if you get the odd twinge his sports massage skills will come to the fore. When people says that they’ve used muscles that they’ve never knew they had, Ged is not only aware he knows all the names of the muscles too! I’m proud to call him my friend.''


C. Mason

''Many, many thanks for all your help training over the last year, I am fitter than I have been for a long while. Also a big thanks for the neck and shoulder massages very helpful after a tough session, much better than chocolate!!''


P. Johnson

"With over thirty years working outdoors in a demanding physical occupation, I had learned to accept the occasional 'wear and tear'

problems including a more serious nerve related neck problem that seemed to grab a hold when I relaxed, and had

developed a habit of ruining any holiday I dared to take! I rang Ged and booked an appointment. He quickly identified the problem area and with good strong positive manipulation he almost instantly relieved the stiffness and discomfort in my neck. The next morning I woke to a surprise, the accepted routine cycle of several days of pain when the injury flared had been broken. My mind took a moment to accept what

my body was reporting....but it was true. I was able to get straight back to work. A real investment, why did I delay? Thanks Ged"


S. Parsons

"I have had massages throughout my career, and Ged's massage is by far the best I ever encountered! He has the feeling and the strength in his hands to feel what the muscles need. This is really important for me as a triathlete. His massages helped me to recover after a hard day of training.


D. Butcher

''Ged sorted out my posture, my injured arm and vicariously my life. There's pretty much no-one Ged cant help, all you need is the want to improve and Ged'll help you get there!''


C. Whitehouse

''Ged has great hands, great manner, but most of all, an excellent knowledge of athletic injuries and bodywork treatments to help them. He helped me with tendinitis in my knee and plantar faciitis in my foot. Massage is an important part of the recovery process for me. Ged has visited me for the past month and have already achieved better than expected results''.

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