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Testimonials 2024


 P. Davies

April 2024

Over the past couple of years, my weight had blown out of all proportions due to personal health and mental problems. I heard about Ged Musto from a former work colleague and he told me how Ged performed miracles when it come to getting people fit. I took him on back at the end of October last year on a two sessions a week basis, he came to the house with a variety of equipment and got me started. Within just three sessions I had noticed a difference in myself and felt more confident about my own limitations. Ged was understanding throughout the workouts and got me working muscles I never knew existed, he has a straightforward way of thinking and was immediately easy to get on with. He worked on the areas I needed to lose, and done a variety of different set programmes along with a structured nutrition plan over the next couple of months. I am now proud to say that I have lost just under five stone in weight and am down to a height and weight that is within my BMI. I am still using Ged's services, and am also proud to say to friends that I am being trained by the official top trainer in the UK. Thank you again Ged for all your help and support shown to me.  

T. Jones ( C.E.O.)  

February 2024

Ged is a truly exceptional trainer. I first took on his services during the Covid outbreak in 2021, just under three years on and I am still using him as my executive Personal Trainer. His workouts are all structured and designed to get the very best out of me. Ged is willing to adapt to any situation and new variants within the set-up. One of his tremendous strengths is that he is incredibly flexible, and is always on the doorstep well before we are meant to start. He is by far the best in the business and his recent national award proves this. If you are searching for that special someone to totally transform your body in the process, and make each session enjoyable, then look no further than Ged Musto. 



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