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Testimonials 2012:

V. Ainsworth. (On behalf of the Bicton Belles).

October 2012

''Want to feel good, get fit, and have fun at the same time? Try working with Ged, who will give you all the expert help, and encouragement that you need. You will be surprised at the level of performance which he can get you to reach, from very modest beginnings, and you do not have to be an Olympic athlete to be able to achieve fun, fitness and wellbeing. A group of ladies who are past middle age (but not past our prime!) have worked with him for months now, and have benefitted so much from his attention, can vouch for the changes which Ged can make in your life, and in the way you feel about yourself. Want to drop a dress size? Want to get rid of Bingo wings? Want to get more supple and move more nimbly? Ged can get you there! We even do our exercise routines when he is not there. Now if THAT is not significant, we don’t know what is!''

I. Worthington. (Team Konkura). 

October 2012

''Ged came to our attention at the start of the year when some truly remarkable scores and videos started to appear on our fitness challenge site. The more we watched, the more impressed we became. With a bit of research we found that Ged wasn't simply a great athlete, but a world record holder in numerous stamina and endurance events. A guy who embodies everything Konkura stands for. Ged is still a regular user and creator of fitness challenges, pushing the limits to new levels and achieving the seemingly impossible. To many on Konkura he is seen as a mentor, friend and respected rival, and is responsible for dramatic improvements in a number of competitors who have been inspired. He truly is a great guy, and appears to have time for everyone.''

W. Thomas. 

September 2012

''When I first started with Ged I had a fairly good level of base fitness but had hit a bit of a brick wall & was struggling to take my fitness to that next level. At first I was a bit sceptical of Ged's training as I have always been use to attending a gym so I did wonder whether his outdoor style training would work for me. I'm pleased to say after a very successful 6 weeks of training I couldn't have been proved more wrong. Each week I saw an all round improvement in both my cardio and strength levels and now after completing my training I am fitter than I have ever been before. I would say the best bit about Ged's training is that he is constantly throwing in new exercises to each workout. This makes the workout more challenging and keeps it a lot more interesting. I would like to say a huge thanks to Ged for the first class training & support he provided for me. I will certainly be training with him again in the future and would recommend him to anybody looking to improve their fitness levels.''

P. Sterling. (Director) 

August 2012

''Ged Musto is a truly outstanding Personal Trainer who came to me highly recommended. His no-nonsense approach to fitness is head and shoulders above any of those who claims to be the best, his anatomical and physical fitness knowledge is by far the best I have ever witnessed. I cannot recommend more highly to any person requesting the best services around. Using a combination of body weight, kettlebell, stamina and endurance based exercises, it only took Ged three sessions to totally transform my fitness levels, thank you again!!!...''

M. Millichip. 

May 2012

''Ged is an awesome personal trainer. Our son Phil who goes in the army May 13 needed help with his fitness programme and motivation, Ged was recommended by a good friend of ours, and I truly thank her for this recommendation.

Phil had his initial consultation with Ged and straight away formed a bond which gave Phil motivation and his overall has changed. Ged has improved his fitness and overall confidence. After his first training session Phil was keen to work harder than ever before to get fit and build on what Ged had started.

Ged has really focused Phil and we have really seen a physical and mental difference in his approach to fitness and wellbeing.

I would 100% recommend Ged to anyone wanting to improve their fitness and it is clear that he is totally committed to his clients development.''

V. Ainsworth. 

April 2012

''If you want a Personal Trainer who will make dramatic changes to your fitness and mobility, choose Ged Musto. He came to me as a six-session present from my husband, who had heard my moans about lack of fitness and flexibility, despite an active lifestyle. Ged listened to my concerns, analysed what I was trying to achieve, and then enabled me to do so in a very short time. He promised me improvements after three sessions; I noticed them after only one. My friends were astonished at the difference to my abilities and wanted a piece of the action for themselves. We now do a group session together, all of us with differing needs, but all of us with very positive results because of Ged’s philosophy of dealing with each person one-to-one. You cannot blink without him being aware of your movement.

Back problems, hip problems, knee problems, ankle problems – all these have been addressed within our group, and the common factor is Ged and his deep knowledge of what works. Believe me, it does. Age does not matter; we can vouch for that. Ged makes you feel that your personal goals are his goals, that what you want to achieve is possible, and, he makes it happen. Whether it is general fitness, increased mobility, attention to particular injuries, greater strength or just plain healthy activity and fun, try Ged. You will not be disappointed.''

S. Askey. 

April 2012

" Finding Ged has been the been the best thing I could have done in recent months, I have run since I left school, entering races and always winning prizes with little training or effort. Now in my 40's , two children later and the commitment that that takes, I was probably not fit enough to

enter a half marathon last year but I went in with the same blaze attitude. After 9 miles my left calf was agony and I hobbled to the end.

This really stopped me in my tracks, from then on I could not run for 20 minutes without unbearable pain in my calf. I went to see osteopaths and physiotherapists but no one could help, I felt frustrated and thought that perhaps my running days were over. That is a daunting thought. So I decided to cycle and during 5 days cycled from Lands End to Hereford......but I still wanted to run in the countryside to feel free. I began to think that perhaps I was too old.

Feeling dejected I looked for a personal trainer...could not believe I was doing so..that's what celebrities did not me!!

But I was wrong......Whatever you want to achieve Ged will get you there.....When I first phoned him I stressed how bad my calf was and doubted that he would be able to help.....Little by little I started to realise that I was getting stronger and was having no pain, I thought as time went on the old pain and frustration would return, but no!

Ged managed to increase my fitness levels without re- igniting the injury!!

Remember that half marathon ?.. well I ran it again. in March this year..with my head held high, no injuries!!!! I have also started circuit training again after feeling that perhaps I was too old...Ged has given me so much confidence and belief in my self and I keep entering races and loving them..

I also had back pain which was being aggravated by lots of driving, after a couple of osteopath sessions it was still uncomfortable, Ged suggested a massage , I could not believe the difference, it felt fantastic and has remained so for weeks now.

Ged is a rare soul, I thank him from the bottom of my heart. Our training sessions have not only pushed me but have been great fun, never a dull moment. Ged thinks outside the box, completely and utterly!!

Thank you Ged !!!! "

P. Blakeston. (Managing Director). 

February 2012

''I engaged Ged as my personal trainer with a view to losing weight and regaining fitness levels, which are so easily lost in a life of hectic business and sports inactivity. The problem facing most of us is that we have good intentions but don't see them through. I have found that the discipline of training appointments and the motivation from Ged has enabled me to achieve targets that I had previously found impossible. Overall the results has been dramatic, a weight loss of over 2 stone, my blood pressure has significantly lowered, my strength has increased on average by over double in weights lifted, and finally, my fitness has improved to the extent I now regularly cycle for over an hour at weekends and feel fantastic! Personal training works for me and is an important part of my normal working week.''

A. Wheatley. 

February 2012

''I am so grateful to my friend that introduced me to Ged, because now I have the perfect trainer! I have been doing aerobic classes for years, but no weight training at all. Thanks to Ged I am getting way more out of my workouts, and without injuries!! He pushes me just far enough and always keeps it interesting! I look forward to his fun, upbeat personality each week"!!!...

P. Laws. 

January 2012

''Without Ged's enthusiasm, motivation, knowledge and professionalism we would not be waving bye bye to our daughter as she starts on her chosen career path as a musician in the British Army. Bethany had failed her first attempt at passing the Army's fitness selection tests rather badly with a run time of 17 minutes 50 seconds and despite being a member of a local gym just wasn't getting any fitter. With her next pre-selection date approaching she needed help and fast.

Our local fitness magazine had just been posted through the door and in the

personal fitness trainers section I came across Ged Musto. Ged and Bethany immediately got on and started training in the Park. Up hill and down hill, sit ups , press ups, kettle bells everything! Almost immediately we noticed an improvement in Bethany's posture, core strength,confidence and fitness. At her pre-selection less than 2 months later Bethany's run time was 12 minutes 50 seconds, and her sit ups and press ups were pretty impressive too.

All thanks to Ged, Bethany has just passed her final fitness selection with flying colours and a run time of 12 minutes 3 seconds. That's 5 minutes and 47 seconds off her first run time. At her de-briefing she was asked how had she managed to improve so significantly and in so short a time, she replied I had my own personal trainer.

It is not just Ged's ability as a fitness trainer but also his skills in

communication and confidence building. His commitment goes further than just a personal trainer, he has always before any of the tests rung Bethany to check that things are going well and to make sure she is fully prepared for the next challenge. During the process they have also become good friends and Ged has said if 'Bethany needs any help or advice at anytime she knows where he is.' A huge thank you. Without Ged's enthusiasm, knowledge and motivation Bethany would not be about to embark on her chosen career in the Army.''

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