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Motivational Speaking :

"Without Ged knocking on my door once a week, I simply wouldn’t get out of bed and go and do the kind of training which takes you to the edge. To keep improving on a consistent basis without the will power of Hercules, very few will keep it up without a committed motivator like Ged.''

S. H. 2011.


As a motivational speaker, Ged Musto's charisma, wisdom and knowledge allows him to connect with diverse audiences on a inspirational range of fitness topics.

Ged draws upon his experience as an Award Winning Personal Trainer, Professional Athlete, Stamina and Endurance World Best Expert, Corporate Businessman, Former Bodyguard to High Profile Individuals, Self-Defence Consultant to Law Enforcement Agencies within the UK and the USA to motivate individuals and groups, young and old, to live their lives to their full.

Click on ' About Me ' to view his bio.

With 30 years focused on the business of wellness, Ged knows what it takes to motivate, inspire and guide individuals on the path to Ultimate Health and Fitness.

In an illustrious career, Ged has been chosen as one of the Top 10 Personal Trainers in the United Kingdom over the past 20 years, and has also set numerous Stamina records, amongst these include the World Bests for One Hour of Press-Ups, and Sit-Ups, he is currently holds the British Best for 30 Minutes of Sit-Ups, and back in 1999 was classed as the World's Fittest Man, please check out the 'Stamina Feats' for more records.


Ged has inspired many Rugby and Football Players, Athletes, Coaches, Students, Law Enforcement Establishments, Health Clubs and Gymnasiums, Families and Individuals at Health Conferences, Schools and Sports Colleges, Non-Profit Organisations, and Private Businesses.

Contact Ged for More Information :

If you are interested in having Ged uplift, unite and energise your event or organisation, please submit a request and include a date, time and place at g


Costings :

Prices can be discussed, motivational talks starts from £50 depending on location.

Travel :

Ged is available to travel to any part of the United Kingdom.

Topic Examples Include:

  • Health, Physical Fitness and Nutrition
  • Self-improvement
  • What it takes to be a top Personal Trainer
  • Top Performance and Inspiration Strategies for Athletes
  • Mental and Physical Preparation for Sports and Fitness
  • How to get the Best out of your Staff
  • Self-Defence

Suggested Programmes :

  • Coaching Youth Sportsmen and Women for Character Development
  • Mind and Body Conditioning for a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Motivation for Ultimate Performance
  • How to develop a “Never Quit” mindset

All photos taken by Irina Vasileya and copyright of Ged Musto ©

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