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Testimonials 2013:

A. Vaux

October 2013

"I was fed up of feeling so unmotivated, tired and having no energy so I decided to try having a personal fitness trainer; a little apprehensive about the idea I contacted Ged and from then on I have never looked back. Ged has helped me achieve what I never dreamed I could achieve with my fitness, as well as increasing my confidence, helping me find my get up and go and making me feel generally better.

The sessions are hard work but totally manageable, I look forward to every session, it is very much worth it as my stamina, fitness, flexibility and most importantly self confidence levels are soaring high. Thank you Ged for being a fantastic trainer and friend, I don't think now I can ever live life without my weekly sessions."


October 2013

"As a sufferer of severe depression for the last five years, I was doubtful that having a Personal Trainer would yield any significant benefits for me. Knowing my initial lack of motivation, Ged adapted his approach to provide me with a set of exercises, specifically geared towards my circumstances. My weekly sessions with him are not only instrumental in boosting my confidence, which I have found transcends other aspects of my life, but also in fostering my new found determination through setting and achieving goals. Ged's approach is rooted in honesty, motivation and encouragement. Therefore I would recommend sessions with him for others who suffer from depression, however severe."

D. and S. Hart

October 2013

"My retirement present from my wife was "A Personal Trainer for a Year". She did some research and found Ged. I was 64 and hadn’t really done any fitness training for the last 20 years, although I did play golf. I was about 3 stone overweight, and had Type 2 diabetes. I was also diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in 2008, and the treatment for that caused me to lose a lot of muscle tone. In 1981 I had a spinal fusion that had left me with a restricted range of movement in my back. Ged advised me about buying some basic inexpensive gym equipment. I already owned a cross trainer that I had never really used that much. Training started in October 2012. Ged came every Thursday at 9am and developed a progressive training program that was testing but achievable considering my health issues. We worked hard for the next 12 months and I remained injury free. Twelve months on, I have lost in excess of 2 stone and have completely changed shape, being broader in the shoulder and smaller round the middle! I have a good level of aerobic fitness, and I have regained a lot of flexibility. My quality of life going into retirement has improved to an extent that I never imagined was achievable.

My wife saw just how much I was achieving with Ged, and decided to have some sessions herself. Her main problem was sciatica, which she had suffered from for a number of years. Ged helped her to improve her core strength and slowly the sciatica improved. She now has no symptoms at all.

We are both happy to highly recommend Ged. He has the knowledge and experience to tailor a program to meet your individual requirements, even in people such as us who have health issues."

S. Walmsley

July 2013 (Follow Up From October 2011)

"We have been training together for nearly 2 years now and my fitness and strength have never been better. The work we have done on my shoulder is nothing short of a miracle. You are an inspirational trainer and a very Top bloke. I am proud to have you as a friend and my trainer."

A. Runacres (GB Olympic Weight-lifting & Senior National Powerlifting Coach and Founder WABBA Qualifications)

July 2013

"I have no hesitation in recommending Ged, who was clearly motivated from the outset when we first met, to become an exceptional Personal Trainer. His enthusiasm to succeed and get things right, has pushed him to the high standards he has today as a PT and Strength Coach."

J. Ashley (Independent Distributor, Herbalife)

May 2013

"Based on Ged's extensive experience and expertise in the fitness industry, I contacted him to ask if he would be prepared to mentor me through my own training. Ged has since become the person I go to, when I have any question relating to my fitness training and business operations. Ged's down to earth nature and his diplomatic but frank approach, along with his vast experience of running a fitness business and its day to day realities, has led me to learn a lot in a very short time. Ged has shown himself to be an excellent mentor, and a person I would highly recommend to future fitness industry students."

B. James (Property Developer)

April 2013

"Ged and I have only been training together for a very short time. In a matter of weeks he has cut to the chase and has changed my life, My mobility, drive and passion for life has returned. What more can you ask of the PT?"

C. Mills (Close Protection Operative. Blue Mountain Group.)

March 2013

"Ged has exceptional knowledge in the physical training world. Great motivator and an awesome trainer that will get you where you want to be. Because of his vast experience and history Ged brings along the skills that no other trainer can, he's been there and done it!!

I had the pleasure of attending one of Ged's training sessions and experienced unique training instructions that pushed me to my maximum and beyond.

After speaking with Ged you can see why he's held in great admiration by others as one of the elite of his profession. 

Would highly recommend Ged."

J. Sharpless (Director and Company Secretary)

February 2013

"I contacted Ged Musto sometime ago with the aim of toning up, losing weight and increasing the strength and fitness of a group of five "young" ladies who were embarking on a strenuous trip to Botswana.

We found that trying to attend an aerobics class or similar very difficult with demanding jobs and other heavy commitments - a personal trainer to my home seemed to be the only answer but sounded very expensive. Not so - it was more economical than any of us had first thought.

Ged arrived within one week and made us feel very comfortable, he soon found our weaknesses and strengths and had us working on a fun, motivating exercise regime.

The results were exceptional. Not only do we look much trimmer and toned but our fitness levels have meant that our competing have been much more successful.

A personal trainer is not just for the rich and famous.

Thank you Ged from us all and look forward to seeing you soon."

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