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Testimonials 2016:


C. L. S. (Managing Director)

December 2016

"Ged's training is very much of the traditional, no nonsense, old-school. That doesn’t mean he isn’t happy to include more modern methods or equipment if he believes there is merit. It also doesn’t mean that you do the same exercises week in, week out which is rare with trainers in my experience. There’s always variety, often some innovation and a good deal of motivation to keep things different and interesting.

Ged employs a careful and thoughtful approach to training. As well as his very individual approach to motivation, he identifies weak spots from old injuries and applies appropriate training to build up and protect them. There really is no excuse with him, there’s always a way to keep in shape. It just needs someone like Ged to think it through, find a better way and show you how to do it!"

J. Allan (Managing Director)

March 2016

"I approached Ged back in September 2015 to train my son who was looking at passing army selection, after three months of training, he had not only got my son much fitter, but also got him mentally stronger. He is now halfway through his selection and is well on the way to passing out with his troop. Thank you ever so much Ged for not just your words of wisdom, but also for your vast knowledge and experience that are now instilled with my son for years to come!"

A. Stephens (Business Consultant)

February 2016

“I can’t wait for my personal trainer Ged to show up. I used to only exercise 3 days a week but now I enjoy it so much that I exercise 5 days a week! Ged turns up once a week but has set up an exercise programme along with nutrition ideas. I may be in my fifties but I’m having so much fun I don’t want to slow down, and I feel in the best shape of my life. I feel like I’m 25 years old again! Thank you Ged! You truly inspire me and have been nothing but the best!”

N. Dayton

January 2016

"I started training with Ged back in July of last year, before I contacted him I had gained a considerable amount of weight and was unhappy with the way that I looked. I see Ged once a week and I undertake a fitness and nutrition programme that he set out for me, during our once a week session we either do a fifty minute cardio training, or we do an hours power walk and jog. The weight has piled off and I have so far lost two and half stone, my overall fitness and also my body shape has greatly improved. I thoroughly enjoy the training and intend carrying on the training. Ged's knowledge and motivation skills is immense, and I cannot thank him enough in helping me lose the weight and in such a short time. If anyone requires a personal trainer and also instant results, then I highly recommend Ged very highly. He is by far the best trainer I have ever worked with".

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