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"Ged is a fantastic trainer, listener and general good person! His motivation is second to none and his knowledge and training methods show true understanding in his field and to the individual client. Ged helped me get my training back on track and my body back in shape." R. Friday. 2010.


Mobile: (07403)-696351

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This is a truly remarkable new fitness system using the science of Isokinetic exercise. It takes your training levels a further step up the ladder than the other training systems all boast. The unique resistance housing system offers a workout that I can honestly say after using it for a good couple of weeks, in my 35 years within the Health, Fitness and Military industries, I can honestly say that I have never come across anything that works the muscles and joints in such a way. Best of all, it is also a tremendous rehabilitation piece of equipment. As from 2021 I am extremely proud to 

b​e one of the Fitness Ambassadors and along with Martin Littlechild and Louis Lara, we intend in cracking the UK and Europe Fitness market. Please take a look at the site, please click on the link below to receive 10% off the system which can be stretched up to 4 monthly payments.

Truly phenominal athletes from all over the world competing against one another in a variety of different fitness challenges, and so far I am proving that age is only a number and am showing the youngsters a thing or two, click on the link, punch in my name and you can check out my progress under my youtube page GedMustoPT. , or alternatively check out the video clips section.

ABSPAK is a truly wonderful piece of equipment, designed to fit into the small of the back thus preventing pain in the whole spinal regions. Having tried out the prototype, the abspak is now being released to the mass market, and the British Army has already stated an interest.

(This website is classed as a Stamina and Endurance Records website, under Fitness Tests World Bests, click on Sit-Ups and Push-Ups, and you will see my name).

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