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Testimonials 2015:


T. Marriott

October 2015

"Towards the beginning of last year, I sought out to acquire Ged's training in preparation for entry into the Military. I started out with a very basic level of cardiovascular endurance and strength. Throughout the past year i've progressed enormously, far beyond what I thought I was even capable of. Starting at 117 pounds, I now weigh an impressive 186 pounds, a much more muscular and lean physique. Aside from the very challenging endurance runs and strength circuits, Ged has taught me tenacity, and that concentration and mental toughness are the margins of victory. I'm grateful for all our training, and would highly recommend him" .

H. S. (Business Consultant)

September 2015

"Being only 5'4 and a slight frame. I wanted to learn how to protect myself in everyday life after being attacked a couple of years back. I contacted Ged, he was very friendly but extremely professional and knowledgeable within his subject, in a very short amount of time he showed me how to deal with attacks from behind, he also showed me how to strike at various pressure points with minimal ease.

Ged's methods are kept to a minimum, he brings a wealth of knowledge from his military days, various styles within martial arts, and previous door work which means there is a lot of real world scenario’s built into the training, it has given me a whole new self-confidence, but most importantly it’s also fun!!"

J. Forshawe / Underhill (Brynithel / Llanhilleth RFC)

August 2015

"I've trained with Ged and many other trainers, but Ged is by far above any trainer I have ever had. His training is confidence building and takes you above and beyond any fitness you could dream of. I've reached goals I never once thought I could reach.

Anyone out there from beginner to athlete who wants to get in the best shape of their life, don't hesitate to contact him.

The man is a machine and by far one of the best trainers out there."

A. Cooper

July 2015

"Back at the end of last year, I decided to use Ged's services after having a triple heart bypass. Ged had prescribed a gentle breaking in programme to get my fitness back to normal. After just three sessions I had noticed a significant difference and his immense knowledge of working with previous clients who has suffered cardiac problems such as myself worked wonders, and ten months on, I am more healthier and am now leading a normal general healthy lifestyle. I cannot thank Ged enough for his expertise, patience and understanding throughout the training."

S. Baldwin

May 2015

"I have worked with Ged for the past five and half months, and have seen incredible results. I have lost weight and fat. I have also gained lean muscle mass, slimmed down, and improved my posture. What makes him so unique to me is that not only does he help me strength train properly, but he helps me with my nutrition as well. He is very patient and always available by phone or e-mail if I have questions. I am 42 years old and am in the best shape of my life thanks to Ged".

L. Davies

April 2015

"When I took on Ged's services back in September of 2014, I was at least two dress sizes off where I wanted to be. Ged devised a programme for me which was suitable for my everyday needs, his knowledge is truly immense, and he helped me not just lose the weight but has given me the confidence to carry on with the training. I highly recommend him to anyone searching for that special trainer to transform their lives".

L. Staunton.

February 2015

"I took on Ged's services back in August last year, as I am due to get married in 2016, I wanted to get much toned and fitter. Ged's no nonsense old fashioned training worked wonders right from the beginning. He inspired and motivated me on to new physical heights. I cannot thank him enough and would recommend him to anyone looking for instant results. Thank you ever so much again Ged".

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