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Testimonials Pre 2009:

Just a small collection gained over the years...

P. Johnson. 

May 2005

''With a personal programme of exercises which Ged worked out for me I am pleased to report a real improvement in my general fitness, but more importantly far more strength and suppleness in the injury area.

For the first time in twelve years I have started to run without the fear of debilitating cramping afterwards. I am in no doubt that this is due to Ged's personal fitness programme''.

N. Maddock. 

(Vice Principal and Director of Sport. The Minster College.)

March 2005

''He is an ambitious, exceptional and talented professional who demonstrates high levels of enthusiasm, energy and dedication. Mr Musto possesses many skills including effective communication, punctuality and planning. As a result he has inspired and motivated our students into participating in his activities on a regular basis. Overall, he has made a positive impact and contribution to the lives of our students in general''.

I. Watkins. 

May 2002

''Over time, and a lot of hard work, I have become physically fit, with a much improved posture, allowing me to now lead a much improved lifestyle. I feel that I have greatly benefited from Ged's experience and expertise''.

T. Lewis.
(Kidney Transplant Recipient and World Transplant Games Athlete)
September 2001

''I was selected by Great Britain to represent my country in the World Games in August in Japan. I decided to join a gym and was introduced to the Personal Fitness Trainer Ged Musto. After talking for a while about what I wanted to do and my fitness levels, Ged wrote out a comprehensive programme aimed to get me in the best possible shape for Japan. Standing on the rostrum to collect my silver medal was the proudest moment of my life. I had won gold and silver medals in previous British games but nothing could compare with this. Thank you Ged for everything you had made me achieve''.

M. Don. 

(Television and Media Personality. Presenter of Gardener's World) 

May 2001

''The results have been dramatic, not least because he has tailored the work that we have done together very specifically to my needs and abilities. He inspires great confidence through his experience and knowledge, and yet is always responsive and open to new ideas and information''.

O. Parfitt. 

(Blackwood Rugby Club Chairman) 

November 1999

''Ged is capable of handling a large group of people with the minimum of effort and maintains their interest through his own conviction, and I can honestly say that in all these activities, over many years, no individual has impressed me as much as Ged Musto for his personal fitness, dedication and ability''.

J. Whalley-Kilmer. 

(A-List Actress) 

November 1989

''Ged's training programme was ideal for my working schedule, he is a thoroughly knowledgeable professional and in the short time we spent together, he made the sessions very productive and enjoyable''.​

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