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Testimonials 2020 - 23


M. S. 

February 2023

I was passed on Ged's details from a friend who had previously used him for military training around ten years ago and from reading his website had found out he was and still remains one of the top Personal Trainers throughout the UK.. My main goals are to join the TA Parachute Regiment and to get fitter and stronger in the process. Ged made me feel more confident about myself straight away as I had a lack of self-confidence throughout my years in school and continuing into my early adulthood. His no-nonsense approach to training is second to none. Through his old fashioned methods, he has totally transformed me as a person, my sit-ups and press-ups has increased by well over double, I can run a mile quite comfortably in five minutes and I can also carry a weighted bergen with up to 75lbs for well over two hours. I would have never have achieved these without Ged's expertise and years of experience given the fact he was former HM Forces. He is very easy to get on with and has a personable character. Training is totally different with each session, no two are ever the same and he puts in new exercises and concepts which is great for me as he chucks in something totally out of the blue when you are not expecting it, most importantly he not only delivers but is also a great motivator who inspires me through every single repetition. Ged is a master of the physical and mental conditioning side of the training, and I am more than certain that come the start of my training within the TA Paras, I will be more than ready for any task or challenge that is set upon me. I highly recommend Ged for anyone who is looking to better themselves, and I honestly cannot thank him enough.

M. Pearce (Chief Executive Officer)

January 2023

I have been training with Ged now for about 12 months now. Between juggling work, travel, and family I found it difficult to get the motivation and the time to fit in exercising. I had put some weight on and wanted to lose that and get fitter. I now have found that motivation in Ged, he’s a personable character who makes training fun and different whilst still being challenging. Ged is always very encouraging and has a vast knowledge of his profession. Despite the fact it is hard work and I ache after, I look forward to the training sessions, and find them varied and challenging. I have seen great results not only in my personal fitness but also in my body shape. I have literally lost inches around my waist! Ged is flexible and accommodating with his time to ensure sessions fit around my work commitments which is essential for me to keep momentum going. I know that I would never have achieved the level of fitness and wellness I have at my age (currently 49) if not for the personal attention given in my training sessions. I cannot recommend Ged enough, thanks for everything.



S. Pearce (Management Consultant)

January 2023

As a keen fitness enthusiast enjoying a variety of fitness activities such as running, cycling and HIIT workouts and with an already good level of fitness and stamina I was looking for a trainer that was going to be able to push me to that next level. I have been working with Ged for just under a year now and believe he is one of the most experienced and committed trainers around. Initially Ged quickly assessed my fitness ability, discussing goals and identifying any weaker areas (triceps to name just one!!!) and devised a challenging but achievable programme. With two sessions per week which, also compliments my existing fitness regime, my overall strength and fitness has improved noticeably, and I’ve seen improvements in my ability to compete more sit-ups, core exercises, triceps, push ups and generally push myself even harder as sessions go on. I have also noticed an improvement in my running and cycling, plus endurance and speed. This is good old-fashioned training, no fancy machines, no short cuts just hard graft and it works! Ged is a very approachable Personal Trainer with a good sense of humour which makes each session enjoyable despite the task ahead! He continues to mix up the training and adapt it as you progress, so it never gets boring, and you don’t have time to plateau. Ged is willing to share his expert knowledge and answer any questions. His experience in the fitness industry is admirable and his dedication to helping people achieve their goals is commendable. I can’t recommend him enough!

S. C.

August 2022

"It doesn’t get much better than Ged. His 'old school' technique of training has suited me down to the ground - it is always challenging and extremely effective. His motivation alongside his humour and consistency have made for really enjoyable and productive sessions."


A. R.

(Managing Director)

May 2022

I have worked with Ged now over the past three months on a two days a week basis, and have already lost 20lbs in weight. I have rediscovered my abdominals which I honestly thought had gone, I have discovered muscles I never knew I had, and my overall shape has totally transformed. My work schedule is extremely busy and my free time is very scarce. What makes Ged such a great trainer is the fact that he is very flexible and works around your time frame. He has a very thorough understanding of devising different exercise programmes and can change these at the drop of the hat. His knowledge of anatomy and physiology goes beyond recognition and far exceeds the previous personal trainers I have used over the past two decades. He thinks totally outside the box, he makes every session enjoyable, and I look forward to him turning up on my doorstep knowing that he is going to transform my whole health and wellbeing, and in doing so, my hectic lifestyle which also includes travelling throughout the UK and Overseas is far less stressed knowing that I am much fitter and healthier. Would highly recommend Ged to anyone looking for a world class personal trainer.


B. Jacks

(Judo 10th Dan. Olympic & WC Medallist. European & British Champion. Superstars British & European Champion)

February 2022

I would like to thank Ged for giving me this opportunity to say a few words on his website.

We sometimes have to overcome adversity in life, and that's not always easy. Ged has done that recently with his back problem, and for the first eight years of my life, I couldn't walk properly, and climbing a flight of stairs left me out of breath.

By chance, medical people discovered I'd been born with a Hiatus Hernia, and two operations later, I could lead a normal life. I started judo at nine and became British junior champion soon after.

I participated in three Olympic Games, Japan 1964, Munich 1972, Montreal 1976, and one pre-Olympics in Mexico City in 1968. I medalled in Munich and during Salt Lake City's World Judo Championships in 1967.

I'm a judo 10th Dan and former British and European junior and senior champion. I represented Great Britain on a judo mat more than 300 times before I became, so I'm told, a household name in Great Britain when I appeared on a BBC television show called Superstars.

My appearances inspired a generation of people to change their lives, take up judo, other martial arts, and generally improve their fitness. I became known as ‘King of the Arm Dips.’

I know that Ged tuned in, and he credits me with helping him start his pathway to fitness and personal fitness training.

But it's not just about waking up one day, signing up to a gym, sitting back, and waiting. No. It's about determination, discipline, and dedication. What did the would-be champion, who trained for three hours a day, do when he became champion? He trained for six hours a day to stay champion.

There is a well known saying: 'THE MORE YOU SWEAT WHEN YOU TRAIN, THE LESS YOU SWEAT ON THE DAY. It's so true, and it doesn't matter whatever you're training for. If you've decided to be fit, do it. Get your mindset in that zone.

Ged has done this. Look at his achievements. FIA-UK Top Personal Trainer (1995, 2002, 2010), World's Fittest Man (1999), Holder of 4 x World and 7 x British Stamina Endurance Bests.

But the one, and it hurts me to say this, that I like the most happened in 1987 when he completed 110 arm dips in one minute. He beat my record by ten, and that is an unbelievable achievement. I know it happened a long time ago, but I congratulate you on that, Ged, as I know how much effort you must have put into reaching that level. I guess this makes Ged ‘King of the Arm Dips!’

Well done with everything you have achieved so far, and keep it going.

All the best,

Brian Jacks


I. Worthington (Chairman and Owner of GymWolf PT)

January 2022

I have known Ged for well over ten years, and he is someone I hold great respect for, not only in terms of the fitness world (numerous World and British records), but as a human being!

His list of sport, fitness and endurance achievements are, in my opinion,

pretty much unmatched in the world!


B. Hollings

October 2021

I started training with Ged with the goal of being able to pass my fitness test for the RAF. I was a long way off passing and had no confidence in myself to complete the tests at the required standard. Training with Ged was tough but from the first session was highly enjoyable, incorporating many different training techniques with old fashioned principles and Ged’s favourite piece of equipment the T2. Ged also showed me how to run at a more efficient and powerful way leading to faster times for my running. All this combined made a massive difference in the short time of 3 weeks by knocking nearly 3 minutes off my 2.4km time and I can’t thank him enough. I have now passed my fitness test and on the the next stage all thanks to the training Ged provided.


K.D. (Hereford) 

(Training for SAS (Who Dares Wins)

July 2021

I contacted Ged during the last lockdown in February. My main goal is to appear on the TV programme SAS (WDW), I have always been very fit and competitive, but towards the end of January I was lacking motivation and needed that someone to give me a right kick up the backside. I searched various Personal and Military Fitness Trainers, after looking through many websites, Ged's stood out a mile and so after a video consultation, we decided to start training via Zoom. He done online resistance band and T2 Iso-Training sessions, as well as writing me out various specific training programmes, from Hill Sessions to Strength and Conditioning. My 1.5 BFT (Basic Fitness Test) at the beginning was 10:55 and now I am down to 9:07. In the two minute tests, my push-ups has gone from 82 to 125, and my sit-ups has gone from 68 to 103, and all with perfect form. With the BFT, Ged is convinced that I can get down to 8:45 the way the training is going so far. On top of all of this he has also helped me with my map reading and navigational skills. It has got to the stage where he has built me up to now easily carrying up to 65lbs maximum in my bergen, and am doing up to 10 miles twice a week. Ged is an absolutely brilliant PT, he has lots of patience, makes you feel special and pushes you that extra yard when you need it. If you are searching for a Personal Trainer who delivers instant results then look no further than Ged Musto. He does charge more than other trainers out there, but you have to look beyond the bigger picture. His knowledge and experience is far superior than the PT's out there, also he has been there, seen it, and most importantly done it. I now cannot wait to get to the selection and interview. Thank you so much for everything you have taught me so far Ged. You are a one in a million trainer.


L. Jayne (Newport Gwent Dragons Academy Under 16's)

July 2021

Hi, my name is Lewis, and I am 16 years old and during lockdown I suffered from not being able to train with my local rugby team., the Dragons Academy Under 16's and going to the gym. 

I found that I struggled getting myself motivated to do anything. My dad encouraged me to do something and suggested running, which I found helped me a lot. 

Lockdown eased and I then got introduced to Ged Musto, after a consultation we started the sessions. 

After a few sessions I couldn't believe that I was now much stronger and my balance had improved 110%, equals stronger back and stronger neck. I like the challenge that Ged provides me at every training session. 

Ged introduces each new exercise to me by doing it first, this is helpful for me because I need to see what I am going to do and the correct way to perform the exercise. 

I've found gym work much easier as I'm now doing the exercises correctly. Core benefits so far after just 6 weeks with Ged has been an increase in short and long term endurance, an increase in core strength, balance and focus. Muscle recovery time is much greater. I have an increase in my speed, which has sharpened my reaction time in rugby. 

I look forward to the sessions with Ged as no 2 sessions are the same, he utilises the local area and environment to get the best out of me for my sporting career. 

Ged's knowledge is a great help to me, his motivational encouragement is greatly appreciated and as you can imagine has helped with my self-confidence  

Achieving the goals which are set by Ged has brought me more confidence in myself and hoping to join the forces in the future. 

Training with Ged will give me a greater chance of success in this field. If you are looking for a Personal Trainer then look no further than Ged..


G. Reece

July 2021 

   After spending many years in a sedentary role, I had extremely poor posture and struggled with posture and struggled with cardio. I was familiar with Ged and his work and felt he would be the person to motivate and challenge me out of my comfort zone. In the few training sessions I've had to date, the differences have been massive. My fitness, stamina and posture have improved significantly. Ged's training style and approach is second to none. His knowledge, expertise and motivation are unparalleled and he was able to push me much further than I had anticipated in just a few short sessions. His fitness expertise aside, Ged is also extremely personable and makes you feel at ease instantly. If you are looking to make a change and improve your fitness and mental wellbeing. I would not hesitate to recommend Ged. Looking forward to more sessions in the future.


C. Marriott (Solicitor)

May 2021

Ged is professional, personable and great fun to work with. He puts 110% into every session. I have never found exercise easy but Ged has given me renewed confidence. I am proud to call him a very dear friend and would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone wanting to take the step to improve their fitness.


B. Long

April 2021

I had several sessions with Ged that sadly had to stop due to the third lockdown. In the short space of time I trained with him, I saw fantastic results mainly around my posture which is something that has always been an issue for me. I told Ged I was conscious of the shape of my back due to years of poor posture, and he set to work with exercises that not only helped my fitness and overall shape, but had me looking noticeably straighter, fitter and thinner.  A genuinely lovely guy who will get you to your goal. I am gutted I can't continue my training with him due to moving away from the area.


C. Pitt

February 2021

 I would just like to thank Ged for preparing me for the marathon which I done for Charity and managed to complete successfully without any injuries. He sent me a 16 week training programme which he happened to use for his own training in preparation for the Berlin Marathon. For a few months prior, I had been following the programme and not just for the marathon itself as I only decided to go through with it at the last minute. Overall, in general it helped me hugely with my running and also with my pace. It has been a massive boost for me over the last couple of months, and Ged gave me it totally off his back which speaks volumes for the guy he is. Top Man and Number 1 PT within Wales. You are truly a living legend Ged.


K. Tippings  (S.A.P. Lead Functional Consultant) (Training for SAS (Who Dares Wins)

December 2020

I just want to say thank you so much for everything you have taught me. It’s been an amazing opportunity and I do truly appreciate it.


S.M. (Herefordshire)

September 2020

 Ged trained me for a number of years, when I started I was reasonably fit but I wanted more strength and particularly core strength, sessions were tough but never harmed me and as I gained strength Ged was able to push me further. I enjoyed the training, it was never boring and was always varied.

I would recommend Ged, he is a safe and caring trainer for all age groups.


A.P.J. (Private Banker. Herefordshire)

September 2020

I took on Ged's services at the beginning of July, and was after a personal trainer to help me shed some weight and help me with my core strengthening. Since taking on his services, I've enjoyed every aspect of his old fashioned style of training and no-nonsense approach. He always turns up on time, and the most important thing of the whole experience is that Ged has a knack of making the hardest training enjoyable, and I look forward to each session as no two sessions are the same. Since the start of Ged's training, I have lost 16 pounds in weight, and my body shape is transforming week by week. I have also gained a level of fitness I never thought possible and has increased my self-confidence tenfold. If you are looking for a Personal Trainer who will push you to your limits and gain instant results, then look no further than Ged. I can't recommend him highly enough!


T. Eason (42 Commando. Royal Marines.)

August 2020

Ged truly laid the foundations of my aspirations and dreams and give me all of the knowledge and know-how to get fit and ready for commando training. From his tried and trusted methods to his no nonsense approach made him the perfect personal trainer and teacher for anyone. He always ensured to put me in the right frame of mind before taking me on any physical task he decided to throw at me during my time with him, and in my case this prepped me perfectly for military training. He formed many “mental” calluses that paid dividends.

Early in the morning no matter the weather Ged would show up giving me the correct mental attitude and inspiration needed to pull me through each session making me feel much stronger and capable at the end of each one. Building my own confidence in myself and my own ability. He prepped me perfectly to pass the Royal Marines PRMC and go on to succeed in Royal Marines basic training.

If it wasn’t for Ged I wouldn’t have known where to start, and potentially wouldn’t of achieved my life long dream of becoming a Royal Marines Commando. He is a fantastic trainer that turned into a life long friend, he formed a long-lasting bond that I will cherish for a lifetime, a true asset to anyone wanting to smash their goals whether they be big, or small.

It is also worth mentioning that Ged offers his help whether it be a phone call, to another fitness session, to a chat over a coffee, he will always make himself available to help myself and this persists up to today and stands for all of his clients.


R. Eason 

August 2020

I’d like to thank you for your continuous support, your fabulous training program and especially the way you mentally shaped my son for the challenge which was ahead of him, I will always be forever grateful to you for putting him on the right track so he could achieve his dream. Thanks again Ged. 

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