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Testimonials 2011:

A. Dean. (Director and Owner. Doward Park Campsite).

December 2011

''Many thanks for your help in putting me back on the right track with my fitness, I have been doing ½ hour of reps sometimes more now 5 out of 7 days of the week and I am feeling the difference, which makes it easier. The work you did on my shoulder is great and pain free, I must have been suffering with that for years, ten minutes of your golden touch and it’s all gone, thank you again for that.''

S. Robinson. (CEO). (Follow-up from July 2011).

December 2011

“Ged trained me for an intensive period and I gained instant results. He is an expert in his craft and his personable nature makes the sessions fly by. I would recommend him to anyone.”

J. MacQuisten. (Director. Octathalon Ltd., National Octathalon Cup Course Champion, Britain's Fittest Woman).

December 2011

''Ged is a very knowledgeable personal trainer that gets results for his clients. Also someone full of energy who 'walks the talk' !''

P. Marston. (Great Britain Indoor Rowing Team Coach).

October 2011

''Ged is a truely inspirational health and fitness professional, and I would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone. Ged has achieved and maintained an exceptional level of fitness, and coupled with a vast knowledge of training techniques he cannot fail to achieve results. If you're going to hire someone either personally or for your organisation you may as well hire the best!''

K. Tytler. (Athletics Coach). 

October 2011

“Ged was my first running coach. He coached me up to and including my first marathon. That was 20 years and 100 marathons ago. His sessions were hard work, he inspired confidence and he was always full of enthusiasm, all things that I hope to replicate now that I am a running coach. Ged's technical excellence and passion for sport and fitness will be applied to every activity he coaches and takes part in.

He is highly recommended by me as a coach and fitness trainer.”

S. Collins. (Marketing Consultant). 

October 2011

''If you happen to train with kettlebells you know that it is more complex than it looks. Ged's ability to effectively communicate and instruct is amazing. However, his ability to observe and adjust your movements is his real strength. This combination helps you get the most from each session. If you are considering kettlebell training contact Ged his enthusiasm is contagious.''

S. Lewis. (Company Director). 

October 2011

''I started working with Ged in the summer with on average three sessions a month given my work commitments away from home; this has also been combined with some Spinning classes and Body Balance classes once a week at a local gym when I’m at home. I have noticed improved posture & core strength and a reduction in body fat, especially around my waist, one of my target areas. However most importantly, I have become stronger in my attitude towards life. Ged is the quite simply the best Personal Trainer I’ve ever had!''

S. Walmsley. 

October 2011

''6 weeks ago I contacted Ged. It has been one of the best decisions I have made for a long time.

During the initial consultation we discussed my shoulder problems, caused by bad posture and working in strange positions. We also discussed my short and long term goals and my severe lack of motivation.

Training has been well structured using a variety of different training methods, always made great fun by Ged. He is very supportive and motivational and has a huge depth of knowledge, always surprising me with new exercises using everyday objects.

The changes I have seen in my fitness and posture have been amazing. This has also been noticed by my friends and family. My shoulders are improving all the time to the point where I have full use of my right shoulder and my left has improved beyond all recognition.

With Ged's guidance I have already managed to beat my personal best for my run around the local block by a staggering 6 minutes.

My general strength and fitness are coming on in leaps and bounds, I am also more motivated both to exercise and with life in general.

In short I cannot recommend Ged highly enough.''

C. Newman. 

August 2011

"Prior to working with Ged, a healthy life style had no factor in my daily activities. I had done little to no exercise in several years. I'd been struggling with personal complications that inhibited me from a lot of the objectives I wanted to achieve in the near future. I came to the conclusion (after exhausting a lot of options) that perhaps trying to become a healthier person would in turn improve other problems and perhaps increase my confidence at interacting with people.

After several weeks of continued motivation, support and exceptional personal training from Ged, I'm getting that little bit closer.

For the first time in a long time, I'm noticing positive changes both in my fitness, but more importantly my mind frame. It can be exhausting, it can be frustrating, but with Ged's guidance and faith you find yourself looking off into the distance at the person you want to become and realising that maybe you're closer than you thought."


July 2011

''I would like to thank you most sincerely for the help and attention you have given me since we started working together. Apart from feeling fitter, more positive, generally more active I must mention the work you've done on my shoulder which has been miraculous. I was told it was bursitis, then that it was arthritis and that I would have to accept increasing lack of mobility in the joint -but thanks to your 'magic hands' the shoulder is now increasingly mobile and I shall keep up the exercises to make sure it stays that way!''

S. Robinson. (CEO). 

July 2011

“Ged promised fast results and he has delivered on that promise. In just 7 weeks my body shape has changed and my fitness is at a completely different level. All this achieved training in the great outdoors with the minimum of equipment. Ged has a great style about him and the sessions seem to fly by. Roll on the next 7 weeks!”

S. H. (Managing Director). 

July 2011

''I’ve spent most of my life working in the fitness and bodybuilding supplement business but as the years crept on, with two young kids and two businesses to run I found I was talking the talk more than walking the walk . My body fat % had steadily crept up and while I could still heave some heavy weight around my overall fitness was shocking, and worse than that,my ability to vertical jump, move at velocity and over all physicality was worse than it had been in a lot of years.

I knew what I needed in a PT and Ged was the perfect fit, my requirements from a PT were to significantly lower my body fat % , increase overall fitness levels and importantly regain my functional strength and physicality back. Ged couldn’t have been more of a perfect trainer , his “back to basics” approach to fitness and history in breaking body weight exercise records was exactly the expertise I needed.

I took Ged on in January, on an intensive 4 days per week blast for a couple of months, Ged worked with my weight training workouts and merged a result producing combination of Calisthenic, Plyometric, and Strength exercises which constantly challenged my body. An hour of exercise with a 20kg weight on my back, using everything from a kids playground to a football goal post became our gym . As the weeks went on I consistently dropped body fat but equally became fitter exponentially.

Ged was also constantly flexible and able to merge cohesively my own training with his techniques in a manner which always ensured we got the best of both worlds, avoided injuries and kept making progress both in my quest for lean muscle mass but with his focus of fat loss and functional strength and fitness.

Combining Ged’s training with my own workouts a sensible diet has changed my body shape entirely. My Body fat % has dropped in 5 months from 25% down to 12%, whilst gaining significant muscle mass and increasing my fitness levels beyond all recognition. Closing in on 200 star jumps in 120 seconds or aggressive pad work in 2 minute bursts, I’ve blown past our initial meetings where I would be gassed in 30 seconds of intense exercise.

As I’m now in solid shape, we work out just once a week together, but i’ll retain Geds’ service indefinitely as his training methods are a perfect complement to my own, and ensure I stay flexible, with a great focus on fat loss and overall fitness and functional core strength.

Before I finish, a point I should make which is very important is that Ged’s strength, lies not just in his training but in his ability to motivate. Never downbeat, constantly up tempo constantly praising and motivating , he always had the ability to raise my game at the last lung bursting section of an exercise to keep pushing the barriers.

To cut a very long story short, I can absolutely recommend Ged for a variety of requirements from improving flexibility and fitness, to advanced core strength and fat burning training and everything else in between.

I’ll continue to use Ged’s services alongside my own training as making that one hour a week commitment to a really intense fitness orientated program is vitally important to my success and ability to stick to my efforts in the gym. Without Ged knocking on my door once a week, I simply wouldn’t get out of bed and go and do the kind of training which takes you to the edge. To keep improving on a consistent basis without the will power of Hercules, very few will keep it up without a committed motivator like Ged.''

I. Short. 

July 2011

''Ged has helped me become fitter and stronger in training especially doing exercises which work the abs, bottom and thighs. I have felt less tired and have increased my stamina. (My overall fitness has improved) I notice that my abs are firmer and my arms are more toned. He is very positive and motivational. I would highly recommend him to anyone.''

D. R. (Former 3 Commando Brigade). 

July 2011

"Back in October 2010 I competed in The Jungle Marathon, 220 km through the primary jungles in the Amazon rainforest, known as one of the toughest Ultra Marathons in the World. I can honestly say that without Ged’s targeted training and vast experience, hitting all the specific muscle groups likely to be used during the race, I don’t think I would have finished and certainly wouldn’t have finished in the top 15! The very specific programmes designed by Ged based on his research on the race were invaluable and hugely appreciated, a personal trainer with immense fitness knowledge. Thank you so much!"

R. Gill. (Company Director), (Part of a text sent 30 June)... 

June 2011

''Just to let you know that today I completed a cycle ride from Bordeaux to Barcelona; 500 miles and 11,500 metres vertical! I know that I wouldn't have had the confidence to take this on if you hadn't helped me by showing me what I could achieve with my limitation. So thank you. Best, Rob.''

A. Norris (Past Client). 

May 2011

''Well.... what can i say, so many things, sadly I no longer train with Ged and that's a shame as it takes time to develop a bond and a great working relationship, and that is what makes a great working environment, which is what we had. As you will see from my previous testimonial I learnt so much from Ged, he gave me willpower, he gave me strength and I achieved my goals, he was always there for me to talk to, get advice and just keep my spirits and motivation up. Due to moving house last October, I could no longer keep up my weekly sessions with Ged and have started up with another trainer, but Ged will always be to me "The best", no disrespect at all to my current trainer but he is irreplaceable. If anyone out there is looking to make that life changing step in their lives and getting into shape, then Ged Musto should be the man to call because to be honest it will be the best decision in changing your life you can get. He is committed, dedicated, passionate, and he WILL help you achieve your goals and dreams. He helped me in so many ways and has become a dear friend, i've come a long way and I owe a lot of that to you Ged, so thank you. Your future holds great things and I will continue to promote you always my friend''.

B. Williams. (Company Director). 

May 2011

''Ged Musto is an outstanding personal trainer. Whatever his client’s goal, Ged works hard to help them reach it. He maintains a level of professionalism, while making the workout fun with his wonderful sense of humour. Ged incorporates his unique old fashioned training methods to give you a complete workout. After only two months training with him, I can already tell a huge difference. I am more toned than I ever have been and he has focused on getting my core in shape, which is exactly what I asked him to do. If everyone had a trainer like Ged, the world would be a healthier, better looking place!''

J. Powell. 

May 2011
''I felt like I had hit a brick wall, and with my army selection growing closer, I needed to make a change to my training programme. After looking through many websites I came across Ged and read his testimonials... I thought this guy must be too good to be true... But was wrong! Through his extensive knowledge he showed me new ways to approach my workouts and within just a few sessions I could see the improvements. He is a very sincere, approachable and enthusiastic PT who is there for advice whenever you need him. I don't know how he does it but he does... Great Guy. Highly recommended.''

P. Davidson. 

May 2011

"Before taking on Ged as my personal trainer, I thought I had a good workout routine, since using him I had realised that my body can do so much more and look so much better with the help of a top professional. He has already made me drop two dress sizes, and has boosted my self-esteem with his unique style of training. Seeing really is believing."

R. Gill. (Company Director), (Follow-up from March 2010)

February 2011

''Ged can produce results in weeks that you won’t achieve from months spent “down the gym”. A true gentleman, he’ll help you assess your requirements accurately and devise a programme guaranteed to deliver if you’re willing to put the effort in and work with him. Over the last 18 months I’ve had the most enjoyable and progressive programmed workouts. And if you get the odd twinge his sports massage skills will come to the fore. When people says that they’ve used muscles that they’ve never knew they had, Ged is not only aware he knows all the names of the muscles too! I’m proud to call him my friend.''

C. Jones. 

February 2011

''I took on Ged back last summer for a period of six sessions, and the results he produced in that time was nothing short of remarkable. I lost weight, gained a whole new level of fitness, my stamina and recovery rate all improved in such a short amount of time and my self esteem also increased. He gives you nothing but praise throughout the session and encourages you to always push that little bit more. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a top class personal trainer.''

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