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"Award Winning Personal Trainer and Fitness Expert covering the Monmouthshire, Powys and Herefordshire areas."


"The Best of the Best" UK Fitness Trainer of the Year (2023 / 24)


FIA-UK Top 10 Personal Trainer

(1995, 2002, 2010)


World's Fittest Man (1999)


Holder of 4 x World and 7 x British Stamina and Endurance Bests.




" There is a well known saying: 'THE MORE YOU SWEAT WHEN YOU TRAIN, THE LESS YOU SWEAT ON THE DAY. It's so true, and it doesn't matter whatever you're training for. If you've decided to be fit, do it. Get your mindset in that zone.

B. Jacks

(Judo 10th Dan. Olympic and WC Medallist. European & British Champion. Superstars British & European Champion)



"If this guy challenged Superman, the man of steel would back down. A true great in the world of health, fitness & records..."

I. Worthington


Thank you for looking at my website.

Do you want to make a real positive change to your life?

Please read on to discover how I could help you become as fit as you can be.

My name is Ged Musto, and I'm highly regarded as one of the very top UK Personal Trainers and World Fitness Experts.

I will apply my experience to assist you to meet and help you exceed your fitness goals and objectives, and in the process will make that achievement easier than you may think.

I can achieve fast, noticeable results, in a shorter time than can be achieved at a Health Club or Gym and I guarantee that. My training philosophy is based around old fashioned training that produces instant results and never fails to deliver but I will make getting fit more enjoyable than you thought possible, adapting your training to your individual capability, never pushing you beyond your limits.

My prices are very affordable ; in these hard economic times, value for money is paramount. Together with a variety of services to choose from I provide the best value service possible. I am sure that you'll be happy working with me, and in a short time, when you begin to feel real benefit in your new found fitness level you'll be glad you took that first step!

Below are just a small sample of the many testimonials I have on my website.


"The results have been dramatic, not least because he has tailored the work that we have done together very specifically to my needs and abilities."

M. Don (Television and Media Personality)


"I just want to say thank you so much for everything you have taught me. It's been an amazing opportunity and I do truly appreciate it"

K. Tippings (S.A.P. Lead Functional Consultant). 


"If your body was a car, you would have had to trade it in many times over the years, that's for sure. You have set the standard for many endurance athletes following in your wake!"

P. Marston (Former Great Britain Indoor Rowing Team Coach)


"Ged has achieved more in the world of fitness than I could ever dream of, he is a true "One in a Lifetime" guy."

I. Worthington (CEO)


"If you are serious about your health and you want to be fit, this is definitely the man to see, you will not be disappointed."

A. Dunkley 

'' He's the real deal in an industry full of wannabees and is the standard by which any trainer should be measured.'' 

M. Gardner

' Overall, he has made a positive impact and contribution to the lives of our students in general.''  

N. Maddock (Vice Principal and Director of Sport. The Minster College.)

''Ged is a very knowledgeable personal trainer that gets results for his clients. Also someone full of energy who 'walks the talk'''  

J. MacQuisten (Former Britain's Fittest Woman)

"We have been training together for nearly 2 years now and my fitness and strength have never been better. The work we have done on my shoulder is nothing short of a miracle. You are an inspirational trainer and a very Top bloke. I am proud to have you as a friend and my trainer."   

S. Walmsley





"Often Imitated, Never Equalled"


The Official Number One PT Throughout The Wye Valley.

''Ged got my fitness right back on track in a short period of time and also got me motivated to want to exercise again. He's a great trainer and he knows how to keep you going and to get the best results for you.'' 

K. Beard   


Associated with Discovery Learning

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